Nature Club

The nature club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature among students and to develop:

Awareness and sensitivity to the environment and related issues.

Knowledge and understanding of the environment and the impact of people on it

Skills involved in identifying investigating, and problem solving associated with environments issues.

Attitudes and values that reflect feeling of concern for the environment and

A sense of reasonability through participation and action as individual, or members of groups.

We in G.D. Goenka develop the knowledge, awareness, attitudes, values and skills that will enable individuals and the community to contribute towards maintaining and improving the quality of the environment.

To enhance the knowledge about the conservation of flora and fauna' various activities were held under the supervision of its mentors such as plantation of medicinal plants are being done by students on the occasion of "Van Mahotsava" in the green belt. Students are also made aware about the difference between the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste materials. Decomposition of biodegradable material is being done in a compost pit in order to make organic manure within the school campus. Vermicomposting is being done with the help of earthworms and red worms.

As we all know that non-renewable energy resources are to be reserved for future use. So to promote the use of conventional energy sources such as solar energy, children designed a solar house in which the uses of solar energy were depicted in the modal.

To replicate the real life situations in the school, club organizes various competitions time to time. Group discussion is held on various topics. One poster making competition was held on the "Earth Day" to spread awareness on the importance of maintaining balance between the humans and nature

We bring awareness among the students about the survival of all the species and how they are interconnected and dependent on each other. If humanity causes the extinction of one species it is really the extinction of many species and the decline of our life support system for us and future generation. God's gift must not be taken for granted - It must be cared for. If not, humanity will face the grim consequences of its actions. We have not inherited earth rather have borrowed from future generation.

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